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Earthquake Insurance and Bad Faith

Earthquake Damage

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As insurers deny earthquake claims at unprecedented rates in Oklahoma, they keep relying on the same excuses. Insurance carriers continue to escape paying their policyholders by deeming home and property damage to be “pre-existing.” Ironically, these insurers overwhelmingly fail to conduct property inspections either at the time your coverage is sold or at any other time pre-loss. So while your insurer may seem confident that the damage to your home surely existed before an earthquake hit (though they did not note the same damage when issuing your policy), the fact is that they often have no justification for this position. To make up for their lack of rationale, insurance companies are turning to their “preferred” engineers to confirm their “preferred” result: denials. These engineers frequently serve to rubber-stamp claim denials through boilerplate language that often blames earth settlement, or pre-existing damage, or anything other than an earthquake for the damage to your home. We have and are continuing to expose that these biased engineers are nothing more than an extension of insurance companies who are pre-determined to deny earthquake claims in Oklahoma.