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It has been our experience in handling bad faith insurance litigation that many insurance companies choose to prey upon unsuspecting policyholders after suffering a loss arising from a catastrophe. Most insurance carriers classify a storm as a catastrophe if property damage in the area exceeds one million dollars. Catastrophes pose a significant threat to an insurance company's profits. Consequently, many companies choose to implement programs or "schemes" designed to either deny their policyholders' claims outright, or reduce and delay the amount paid considerably. In a further attempt to protect the insurance company's profits, many fail to inform their policyholders of all benefits to which they are entitled. These practices constitute bad faith and the insurance company may be sued for damages, emotional distress, and punitive damages.

Policyholder’s Rights - KNOW THEM

Most policyholders are unaware of their rights and entitlements when dealing with their insurance company during the claims process. The majority of states, including Oklahoma, have codified the “Unfair Claims Settlement Practice Act.” The UCSPA identifies those specific acts by an insurer, which if committed, constitute an unfair claim settlement practice.

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In addition to insurance Bad Faith, the Marr Law Firm has vast experience handling cases involving Class Actions, Nursing Home Negligence/Abuse, Wrongful Death, Severe Personal Injury, and Defective Products.

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